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WoW You Guys . . .

9 Feb

Wow …. it has been almost a week since I blogged last!

School is really picking up and between the group projects, homework, me attempting to understand Physics, quizzes, tests, and papers I have definitely been busy AND slacking on this blogging stuff!

However, I did want to make sure to write really quickly today because I did DAY ONE of my Jamie Eason’s 12-week LiveFit plan! I got a big slap-in-the-face of reality when attempting to do the tricep exercises. I really have almost NO arm strength, it’s pretty pathetic.

Day One – Chest & Triceps

The plan in Phase 1 (week 1 – week 4) is to lift 65% of your max and do 3 sets of 12 reps of each exercise. Each total workout, like the one from today, does roughly three exercises per muscle group. So, today was 3 chest targeting exercises plus 3 tricep targeting exercises. I got through almost everything, but it was ROUGH (couldn’t get all the way to 12 reps on the pushups and dips).

I did an hour of Zumba afterwards as well.

Between the strength training and Zumba, my back, shoulders, tri’s and chest are SHOT! I am so sore today, but hopefully that just means I worked hard!

I’m going to eventually think of a better way to keep track of this stuff so I can visually chart and see my progress, but just for yesterday I kept everything in notepad on my iPhone:

10 lbs. on dumbbell chest exercises: chest fly and bench press

10 lbs. on dumbbell chest exercises: chest fly and bench press

Off to the Gym to work on DAY 2 – Biceps & Back (awwwwlawdy, this is gonna hurt!).


Project “Lose 40 Pounds”

13 Nov

It’s been way too long since my last post about the 21 Day Raw Detox Diet. I lost 8 pounds on that cleanse and I’ve managed to gain back every last bit of it. So, NOW I’m determined to lose those 8 pounds again, plus some more. A lot more. Read more about ME, <here>!

I’ve started my plan by telling a few friends and family about my weight-loss & my blog! Knowing I’ll have some others checking in on me via this blog will hold me accountable. So, I’ll be doing daily, or almost-daily blogs about my eating and workouts and I’ll have some occasional weigh-ins to show my progress!

Check out my progress calendar here —-> <Project Lose 40 Pounds>

          WEIGHT GOAL          

LOSE 40 LBS by Vacation in June 2013


       FITNESS GOALS          

  • Complete a Tough Mudder Event  in 2013
  • Run the Flying Pig 10k and beat my last time of 1:12:00


           THE PLAN                  

  1. Tell friends and family I’m blogging so they can check in on me attempting to lose weight  (check!)
  2. Write first blog (check!)
  3. Make fitness/food calendar on Google to keep track (check! <click here>)
  4. START WORKING OUT (check out my first day back in the gym)