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Dangerous Discovery – Microwave Chocolate Cake!

6 Mar

I try to stick with healthy recipes on my blog, so I almost feel a little bad about posting this. It’s been such a dangerous discovery for me! … you can make chocolate-cake-for-one in the microwave?!?!? Yes, you most definitely can and it’s way too easy, and way too addicting! Scary.

I haven’t been keeping sweets in the house lately because I have no will-power around the almighty chocolate. For example, I bought a box of Thin Mints from the adorable little girl scouts on my way out of the grocery a few days ago that wound up lasting about two hours between my husband and I munching on them like popcorn. But, I mean, I had cash on me, which I never have, so it seemed like buying that box of Thin Mints was meant to be. Plus, the girl scouts were practically begging me, “please miss, we only have these few boxes left – we have to sit out here in the cold until we sell these boxes! You’re our last hope!”

Sad Girl Scout

Alright, alright… that’s not really how it went down. More like, “Hi Miss, would you like to buy some girl scout cookies? … We’re down to our last few boxes!?

I saw ONE box of Thin Mints left, and my brain said…

mine, mine, mine

… and that’s how that happened. But anyway, back to the chocolate cake. Like I said, I haven’t been keeping desserts in the house lately, but I was having a terrible chocolate craving. I Googled, “chocolate cake in a mug” because I’d remembered seeing it on Pinterest awhile back. Sure enough, this lovely recipe came up!

Since I have a bad habit of enjoying the batter much more than the finished product, I made my recipe vegan-style to avoid eating the raw egg. Plus, it’s easily converted into a vegan recipe without much adjusting, and in those cases, I go ahead and make the recipe vegan.

Here’s the original recipe with my changes:


Servings: 1

4 TB — flour
4 TB — sugar
2 tsp — cocoa powder
1/8 tsp — (a “pinch) of baking powder
1/8 tsp —  (a “pinch”) of salt
1 egg, beaten (I used Ener-G egg replacer **see note below)
3 TB — milk (I used vanilla Almond Milk)
3 TB — vegetable oil
2 -3 drops vanilla (optional) (I skipped this step)


  1. In a small bowl, mix together the dry ingredients:
    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Cocoa
    • Pinch of baking soda & salt
  2. Add egg and mix into dry mixture
  3. Add oil and milk and mix well
  4. Grease a mug or bowl and add in cake mixture
  5. Place in microwave on High for 2 1/2 – 3 minutes (I like mine slightly undercooked & moist, rather than dryer and more “air-y”, so I cooked mine for about 1 min and 45 seconds using a shallow bowl to cook in)

** Side note: Can make this vegan by using non-dairy milk (same measurements) as well as a replacement for the egg. I used Ener-G egg replacer, this can be bought at any grocery store. I bought mine at Kroger in the Nature’s Market section. Other common egg replacements I use in baking are: applesauce, bananas, ground flax + water mix. When cooking, I often replace eggs with tofu. Check out this blog for other good egg replacement options!

Microwave Chocolate Cake in a Mug. From Zuri at Food.com

Microwave Chocolate Cake in a Mug. From Zuri at Food.com

Nutritional Information (for my Vegan Version) –> Calories: 716, Fat: 45g, Carbs: 85g, Protein: 5g

Now don’t say I didn’t warn you! This is definitely not healthy! But it is 100% delicious!

Follow up blog, maybe? With instructions on how to make a healthier version of this? … Challenge Accepted! Stay tuned. Or if you have any suggestions on ingredient swaps to make this healthier, stick ’em in the comment section! I’d love to hear some ideas!