BBQ Seitan – Racquetball – Food Journal

17 Jan

Quick update for today!

Light breakfast: Apple + PB2 & cocoa powder

Lunch: Veg’n Chicken with couscous and peas (+ vegan cookie)

Post-Workout: Whey Protein Shake w/cocoa and vanilla bean extract

Dinner: I tried a BBQ Seitan Recipe I found online that was pretty simple. Equal parts Balsamic, Soy Sauce, and BBQ + water. I skipped the water, and added more BBQ sauce because I didn’t like the strong vinegar taste. I also mixed all sauces together before putting it over the seitan vs. adding one by one as the recipe has.

I have leftovers for tomorrow and will definitely make this again! It was very filling.

I’m really starting to love cooking with seitan! I didn’t realize how close in taste and texture it was to meat until I made this Vegan Beef Stroganoff recipe last week (I followed the recipe exact, and it turned out great! Even my picky husband and non-veg’n sister enjoyed it!) Also, it’s very high in protein and can easily be bought pre-made in Whole Foods or the Natural Foods Section at the grocery.

As a veg’n it’s not hard to get enough protein, but it is something I have to be aware of, at least right now when I’m cutting calories for weight loss. So, this is something that really ups my protein intake while staying low in calories.

Roasted "teeny tiny potatoes", Steamed Broccoli, BBQ Seitan

Roasted “teeny tiny potatoes”, Steamed Broccoli, BBQ Seitan

Food & Workout Summary

(click to view larger image)

(click to view larger image)

(click to view larger image)

(click to view larger image)

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Trampoline Fitness – Best Workout Ever!

15 Jan

Finally had my Trampoline class tonight with my friend, Sara and it was a BLAST!

First you put on black velcro-strapped high-top trampoline shoes.

Trampoline Shoes

Then step into this enormous room with trampoline “floors” and slanted trampoline walls.

(Click for larger image)

(Click for larger image)

Then you jump around like a maniac for 60 minutes. Well, sort of.

The instructor had us do planks and other exercises that are more difficult on the trampolines since you have to balance yourself, but it was mainly lots of jumping!

When class was over we stayed a bit longer and jumped around.

Here are some our supah schweet trampoline moves…

My ninja toe touch moves


Sara's crazy ninja toe touch moves


casey jump

sara jump

The video below is our ‘bouncing off the wall’ move we learned.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to watch the vid with your head turned to the side because I’m not tech savvy enough to fix the orientation.

One of my 2013 goals was to find new workouts that I really enjoy and this one will definitely be in my workout plans again in the future!

If you want to find a trampoline workout –> I found this one through, but you may be able to find something near you by Googling “indoor trampoline park” or going to Sky Zone Sports and seeing if there’s one in your area. If there is, go try it out! It’s tons of fun!

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Fun Workout & Excited for Tuesday…!!

13 Jan

For the record …

… since I haven’t updated in a few days, I DID go to Spinning Class on Thursday!

Had a Good Workout Today!

Played racquetball with my Dad and we made a new pal at the same time!

About 20 minutes into playing a game with just my Dad and myself, we noticed a guy sitting outside the room in full racquetball gear, (goggles and all)! After about 10 minutes of us noticing he was still there, we thought maybe he was confused about his reserved time for the room, so we asked him if he knew we had the room for another half hour. He mumbled that he hadn’t reserved the room and suggested that he’d like to play with us.

So, we let him join in and played cutthroat style. Our new pal was really funny and it made for an interesting workout!!

Crazy how much quicker cardio workouts go when you’re having fun!

Excited For Tuesday!

This Tuesday I’ll be trying out my first Trampoline Fitness Class with a friend! I am super excited about it. I found the event on Meetup, so I’m not sure if it’s a regular thing or one-time. Either way, the thought of my workout involving over-sized trampolines sounds pretty awesome!

Summary for Today

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(click to view larger image)

(click to view larger image)

(click to view larger image)

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I AM Going To Spin Class Tonight

10 Jan

Starting Off With a Healthy Breakfast!

Fruit, Sprouted Wheat Bread with PB and Cocoa Spread, Handful of Pistachios.
I’m planning to go to my gym’s spinning class ….. Actually, I should start phrasing that differently. “I’m planning to …” sounds wishy-washy, like “if I have nothing else better to do, I’ll go”.
So, I’ll start over, I AM going to Spinning Class tonight! On top of that, to hold myself accountable (since I have quite a few people checking in on me and making sure I’m sticking with this! Thanks!), I will post a blog entry tomorrow with an update!
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Have a Happy, Healthy Day!

Food Tracking & Racquetball!

7 Jan

Back to tracking my food on!

I didn’t have the greatest day eating-wise. But not terrible!

I am trying to eat more whole foods and less processed stuff like the Morningstar Buffalo Wings and other pre-made soy products. But every once in a while they are really nice for convenience sake, like today.

So, 1303 total calories and 55 minutes of cardio/racquetball today. Not bad!

(Click image for bigger version)

(Click image for bigger version)

My sister and I on our way to racquetball action at the gym


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What’s a New Years Resolution?

5 Jan

I love this comic…

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 2.14.47 AM

Hopefully It’s Not Too Late To List My Own Resolutions Though!

One of my main short-term goals is to #1. get my house organized … between work and school and LIFE, we’ve built up lots of clutter in our home this year. I’ve been working little by little, room by room, slowly getting out the junk and organizing the stuff we’re keeping. Today, my task was cleaning out the pantry! I think it turned out pretty great! It was a DISASTER to begin with; lots of expired boxed food and old grocery bags!

Pantry Before and After

As mentioned in my last post, I’ll also be cleaning up/organizing my basement to make room for my ‘home gym’ stuff (exercise ball, weights, elliptical, etc) … that’s next on the list!

#2. Track my Calories! For the full month of January I’m going to get back to tracking on

#3. Track my Workouts on Google Calendar from now until the end of the 12-week Jamie Eason plan I’m starting next month!

I have a few other long term goals, like the ones I listed in my ABOUT ME section, but these are a few I can focus on for the time being.

Wish me luck!

New Year, New Start!

1 Jan

It’s been about 28 days since my last post and since then, well, the Holidays happened…

An additional 4 lbs later, I’m exactly back to where I started on Day One <womp, womp>…. But hey, new year, new start, right?!

Health-wise, I have a few new challenges and changes that should help with the weight loss in the coming months. One of those being organizing my basement and turning it into a little makeshift home gym. This past week on Holiday break I’ve been cleaning and organizing my entire house and the basement is last on the list, (but most exciting part). Stay tuned, pics to come! 

Secondly, starting next month, I’ll begin Jamie Eason’s 12 week strength training plan with two friends! I’m excited about this as I’ve never really had a set training schedule for weights other than when I worked out with a personal trainer a few years back (something I definitely can’t afford right now!). Her plan is FREE, all laid out in an easy-to-follow format, made by someone who looks amazingly healthy, and she has countless ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of regular people on her Facebook page that have gone through the program with great results!

Jamie Eason Live Fit