If you checked out my ABOUT ME section, you’ll notice I have a few GOALS for 2013 that I’m ready to tackle!

Here’s How I’m doing . . .

1. Complete all three phases of Jamie Eason’s 12-Week LiveFit Trainer starting in FEB

  • (FEB 21st) I’m on LiveFit Day 16 of Phase 1!
  • (MAR 26th) Busy schedule got in the way (excuses, excuses, I know!) so I took a break on LiveFit while still keeping up with cardio (spinning, training for my 10k, etc.) — AND I sucked at updating my Workout Cal for March! I’m planning on starting up Phase 2 of LiveFit plus keeping up with my calendar once March is over and the crazy schedule settles down a bit.
  • (MAY 7th) Have been sticking with the program very loosely. I don’t do the exact exercises, but I’m still following the schedule. Currently in the end of Phase 2!

2. Complete a Tough Mudder

  • (MAR 26th) Slight change for this one! The TM is a little pricey for my budget this year, AND I can’t find a single person willing to go through the TM torture with me (wussies!), so I’m doing the Savage Race instead. It’s 6 miles plus obstacles. I’m excited! My family is also joining in, so it’ll be a good time.
  • (MAY 7th) Now that my 10k race is over, I’m focusing a lot on strength training and interval cardio workouts to prepare for the Savage Race!

3. Run a 10k in May and beat my last 10K time of 1:12:00

  • (MAR 26th) I’ve been keeping up with my training for this and even joined a running group that meets up once a week! As of now my fastest 2 miles were at 10:00 min miles. I was pretty excited about it, even though I realize this is pretty slow for “true” runners, it’s a pretty good pace for me 🙂
  • (MAY 7th)  Ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Toyota 10k this past weekend and finished with a 10:22 min/mile pace! I’m so excited about that time!

4. Find new workouts I love! 

5. Lose 40lbs!

  • (MAR. 15th) Currently 9 lbs down!
  • (MAY. 4th) Down 18lbs in total from the start, back in Nov. 2012!

6. WEAR A TWO-PIECE bathing suit on my 2013 Summer vacation!

  • (MAR 26th) I only have about 9  1/2 weeks until my vacay and I’m still pretty far from my goal, so we’ll see …

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