What’s a New Years Resolution?

5 Jan

I love this comic…

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 2.14.47 AM

Hopefully It’s Not Too Late To List My Own Resolutions Though!

One of my main short-term goals is to #1. get my house organized … between work and school and LIFE, we’ve built up lots of clutter in our home this year. I’ve been working little by little, room by room, slowly getting out the junk and organizing the stuff we’re keeping. Today, my task was cleaning out the pantry! I think it turned out pretty great! It was a DISASTER to begin with; lots of expired boxed food and old grocery bags!

Pantry Before and After

As mentioned in my last post, I’ll also be cleaning up/organizing my basement to make room for my ‘home gym’ stuff (exercise ball, weights, elliptical, etc) … that’s next on the list!

#2. Track my Calories! For the full month of January I’m going to get back to tracking on Sparkpeople.com.

#3. Track my Workouts on Google Calendar from now until the end of the 12-week Jamie Eason plan I’m starting next month!

I have a few other long term goals, like the ones I listed in my ABOUT ME section, but these are a few I can focus on for the time being.

Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “What’s a New Years Resolution?”

  1. sarajoredlocks January 7, 2013 at 3:19 PM #

    WOW! That pantry clean out is impressive!!

    • cdanie11e January 7, 2013 at 4:12 PM #

      why thank yah! It was long overdue!

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