Well, I Meant To Workout, But…

20 Nov

Today started with the best intentions of working out…

BUT, despite my good intentions I wound up running around like a mad-woman today –> Class, Veterinarian Office, Grocery Shopping,  Cooking, Cleaning, Taking a two-hour online ‘pre-course‘ so I can enroll in an online class next semester, then ate some dinner, and started preparing for this math placement test I have to take tomorrow.

My advisor instructed me to take this test instead of waiting for my transfer credit to come in so that I can schedule a physics class. She assured me, “it’s just basic stuff, you’ve had algebra and calculus in your past transcript, you’ll be fine!”. Once I got home and started looking over the sample questions I realized how much I’ve forgotten since grade level math! Polynomials, radicals, multiplying exponents, improper fractions, … WHAT?? I’m convinced now that I was, in fact, smarter as a fifth grader … sad realization…

Anyway! While I did not go to the gym today, I did a good job of staying in my calorie range!

Breakfast: PB Bagel and Apple

Lunch: Marinated Baked Tofu, Breaded Okra, Peas

Dinner: Mexican (Beans on Corn Tortillas with Cilantro, Romaine, Salsa, and Avocado)

Here’s my food breakdown for today (below)

Check out my calendar to see how I’ve been doing for this week!

Thanks for checking in guys! Have a great day!



One Response to “Well, I Meant To Workout, But…”

  1. Working it Out! November 30, 2012 at 6:16 AM #

    Oh my, that bean tortilla looks amazing! I may steal the idea and make it for dinner tonight! 🙂

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