DAY 18

15 Jun

DAY 18


LBS Lost: 6 pounds as of DAY 12! Will weigh in again on DAY 21!

Exercise: 45min // Stair Stepper 15min>

How I’m feeling: Good! Lots of energy today 🙂

Cheats:  <CAKE POP>


Breakfast: Apple, Banana, Almonds

Lunch: Cashew & Avocado (I didn’t plan for lunch and that was the only thing I could grab from my fridge/cabinet pretty quickly!)

Dinner: Raw Sweet Potato Casserole

This was another random thing I threw together from stuff I had at the house. I normally eat raw sweet potato sticks with ranch or garlic hummus. Wasn’t sure how to make a ‘raw’ version of either of those! So, instead I went the ‘sweet’ route since I LOVE baked sweet potato with vegan butter, sugar and cinnamon – I decided this little mixture would get pretty close. And it did! The sweet potato tasted very neutral & it was very sweet & crunchy! MMmmm!

(Mix sliced sweet potato in raw agave; Put pecans, splash of water, 2 dates in blender & blend. Put pecan-date mixture on sweet potatoes)


STILL haven’t used my cheese cloth yet – so I’m soaking some almonds tonight to make some almond milk tomorrow! The cashews were soaking for CASHEW CHEESE that I made tonight, for lunch tomorrow!


2 Responses to “DAY 18”

  1. Cat June 15, 2012 at 9:41 PM #

    Every time I see your salad with chunks of avacado…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!
    I keep forgetting that we are supposed to soak ALL nuts before eating. I can’t remember why now though :(. I”ll have to find out. I read about it but can’t remember.

    • cdanie11e June 15, 2012 at 10:44 PM #

      This was an interesting read – from a whole foods site:

      “I’ve even seen statements about the effect of this soaking process on the nuts. These statements suggest that soaking deactivates enzyme inhibitors in the nuts. However, to my knowledge, there is no scientific research to substantiate the greater digestibility of soaked nuts.

      There may be others advantages that come from soaking, but I have yet to see these advantages substantiated in any peer-reviewed, published research. It would make sense to me that some components in nuts would be partially broken down during the process of soaking. However, since nuts are approximately 75-80% fat in terms of their calorie content, the majority of nutrients in nuts would be fat-soluble rather than water-soluble and less subject to breakdown for this reason”

      But I think that’s generally the idea that it’s easier to digest them and that’s why raw foodies like it. I had no idea people even soaked nuts! But after eating a soaked almond (YUMMMM!), I’m not sure I can eat them now without soaking them. It makes the texture so much softer & amazzzzzzzzzzzzing!!

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