DAY 15

11 Jun


I finally bought a cheese cloth from Whole Foods so I can strain my almond mylk! My first batch of almond mylk was pretty tough to drink since my blender left chunks of almonds and hardly chopped up the dates at all. So, I’m looking forward to using that and having another meal option!


LBS Lost: 6 pound lost so far! Will weigh in again on DAY 21!

Exercise: <Spinning; 45min>

How I’m feeling: Good! I passed up on free food, ice cream, and beer at the Red’s Game yesterday, but….

Cheats: … I did have a very small glass (ab 6oz) of wine 😉


Breakfast: Oranges & Banana (My favorite fruit mix!)

Lunch: Raw “Burrito”

Dinner: Salad – Avocado, Sprouts, Olive Oil, Orange Tomato


I’m pretty excited for my lunch tomorrow! I made another round of zucchini noodles – Only this time, I made a Tomato-Avocado Sauce to go with it! Should be tasty!


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