DAY 10

6 Jun


Before Day 1 started I had envisioned this whole challenge being pretty difficult. No pizza, No CHIPOTLE, No ice-cream, No sandwiches! But, this has really become easier the further I’m into the 21 days. I’m still 100% looking forward to cooked food again once this challenge is up, but it really has not been an agonizing 10 days away from it. And I’m surprised by that!


LBS Lost: Weighing in tomorrow! – FRIDAY JUNE 8!

Exercise: <20 min elliptical; 25 minutes of various strength training>

How I’m feeling: Feeling good so far today! Not tired; still feeling content from breakfast.

Cheats: <none>


Breakfast: 1 Banana, Some Grapes

Lunch: Another Raw Burrito from the mixtures I made last night: Romaine Leaf, Walnut Taco ‘Meat’, Guacamole, Salsa

Dinner: OJ Banana Blackberry Smoothie


So, Day 11 on the menu plan is a FULL DAY of water fasting! Now that will be the true test if I can get myself through a whole day without any food at all.  Pretty sure I’ve never done that before!

These are my instructions from Jinjee for preparing for the Water Fast Day:

“Leading in to the fast is important, but not as important as coming out of the fast. You definitely want to come out of a water fasting day with fruit the next morning, preferably something drinkable, and simple, like melon juice. But by keeping today as clean as possible, it will ensure that you don’t experience uncomfortable detoxing on the water fast.

Be sure to drink lots of water while fasting, both on today’s juice fast and tomorrow’s water fast. If you do get dizzy, add a little melon or melon juice. If you feel you really need more calories, soak some almonds now so you can peel and eat them on the fast…”

I think I’m actually going to do a cran-water detox recipe I found online. That’s basically all it is: 100% Organic Pure Cranberry Juice and water (and I’m adding a little lime too)

Wish me luck! Will update tomorrow night!


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