2 Jun

DAY 6 – another good day!


LBS Lost: I’m getting nervous about weighing in. If I don’t see any movement on the scale, I’m afraid I’ll get discouraged. I can tell I’ve lost a few pounds – but I think I’ll wait until DAY 12 to actually weigh-in.

Exercise: 20 minutes on elliptical; Strength Train 30 min (legs, abs)

How I’m feeling: Good; Haven’t felt hungry all day

Cheats: <none>


Breakfast: Orange & Avocado Mixture (Was suggested by another member of the challenge, @Tonya)

Lunch: Zucchini-getti & Homemade Raw Tomato Sauce

Dinner: Fruit Salad, Apple & Soaked Almonds


FINALLY tried out my spiralizer – I ended up getting the World Cuisine A4982799  and seems like a good choice so far. It’s made out of some cheap plastic so I’m hoping it actually holds up for awhile! It’s super easy to put together and really easy to use:

  • Select Blade Size. I chose the smallest ‘Angel Hair Pasta’ blade. Cut a flat end on the zucchini and stick it between the blade and the crank handle. Turn handle while applying some pressure to push zucchini toward blade…

  • Zucchini Noodles!!

  • To make the Raw Tomato Sauce, I used:
    • 4 Tomatoes
    • Medjool Dates
    • Salt
    • Chopped Fresh Oregano
      • Blend all ingredients in blender

  • AND …. Voila! Raw Zucchini-getti!

This is definitely a meal I’ll take with me once the 21 Day Raw Challenge is up. I’ll probably saute the noodles a bit, but overall great recipe by Jinjee & Storm!


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