31 May

DAY 3 – This will be super short since I’m headed to bed soon!

Thanks for all those asking about my Kitty, Mister (mentioned him in DAY 1 and DAY 2 blog) – I visited him at the vets office today and he’s doing SO much better! They’re hoping to take his catheter out tomorrow and he can come back home Friday!! Wahoo! He was so excited to see me at the vets today, which was so sweet, but really hard to leave him there. Can’t wait for him to come home 🙂


LBS Lost: <Not weighing in until Day 12>

Exercise: 10 min on Stair Stepper; Strength Exercises (Arm, Chest, Abs)

How I’m feeling: Was feeling a little tired today…

Cheats: I had one of those fruit leathers and I’m pretty sure it’s not considered Raw since there are other things added in aside from just dehydrated fruit. But guess it’s really not that bad of a ‘cheat’ so I’m okay with it 🙂


Breakfast: Two Oranges

Lunch: Spinach, Avocado, Chia Seeds, Olive Oil

Dinner: Orange Juice, Banana, Hemp Seed, Frozen Strawberry Smoothie

*In other news, My spiralizer came in today!! Can’t wait to try it out!!!


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