29 May



DAY 1 didn’t quite go as planned. I didn’t stick to the lunch and dinner menu (although, I stayed 100% raw!) because I spent all morning and some of the afternoon at the Emergency Animal Clinic. My poor little kitty, Mister, is having a terrible bladder infection causing him to be lethargic and not eat. The poor thing has been through a lot today! So, I didn’t have much time to prepare the lunch & dinner.

[My poor sick little guy on the way home from the hospital]


LBS Lost: <Not weighing in until Day 12>

Exercise: Spinning (45 min); Strength Train (30 min)

How I’m feeling: Still a bit hungry, didn’t really eat enough today. But my dinner was tasty!

Cheats: <none>


Breakfast: 2 Oranges; 1/2 Banana

Lunch: <none>

Dinner: Salad (Spinach, Olive Oil, Avocado, Tomato, Chia Seeds, Green Onion) + Papaya and Blackberry Fruit Salad

Off to prepare my meals for tomorrow!

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