29 May

DAY 2 went well, once again, I didn’t follow the plan exactly (Although I stayed 100% raw)! Because I didn’t fix my meals ahead of time.

Like I said yesterday, our cat Mister has been SO sick since Saturday. We spent yesterday at the emergency clinic and took him into the vet again today since he was getting worse. They took him to stay overnight so they could get him a catheter and hopefully get him to eat 😦

Send some positive thoughts his way! He needs it!


LBS Lost: <Not weighing in until Day 12>

Exercise: <none>

How I’m feeling: Feeling a little hungry, but haven’t eaten dinner yet!

Cheats: <none>


Breakfast: Grapefruit & tbsp of Hemp Seed

Lunch: BIG Salad (Leafy Green Mix, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Avocado)

Snack: Apple Cinnamon Pecan Fruit Bowl

(This was not on the menu plan for today, but I was having a TERRIBLE sweet tooth craving! So, I made up my own little mix of apple, pecan, raw agave sweetner, and cinnamon. Turned out SO good!)


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