24 May

Hello All! I’m starting this blog to log my journey through the 21 Day Raw Food Challenge.

I had looked around for detox/cleanse to take on before my upcoming vacation and was really trying to find one that followed a more natural plan: No supplements, laxatives, or any type of ‘colon cleansing’ — After much searching I decided a raw cleanse would be best! I’ll still get plenty of nutrients while cutting my calories, and eating all whole foods (seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables)!

One problem: Most raw food diets I found online used LOTS of equipment including the very expensive… DEHYDRATOR.

So, the main reasons I chose to go with The Garden Diet’s 21-Day-Program are:

  • Dehydrator NOT NEEDED!
  • Menu plan for all three weeks
  • A pre-made shopping list (my favorite part!)
  • Full access to the community support group where you can ask questions along the way to others in the challenge with you OR you can ask Jinjee herself! She has been a long-time raw foodie so she definitely has the knowledge of a raw food diet that a newbie like me does not!

Last and BEST reason… if you sign up, and log your journey of the 21-days you get your FULL MONEY BACK! And that’s how this ALL started!

A few things I’m nervous/apprehensive about:

  • Food will be gross
  • I will always be hungry
  • I won’t get enough protein
  • I’ll feel tired
A few things I’m excited about/hoping I will gain from this:
  • Some new healthy ideas on how to incorporate more raw into my diet
  • LOSE WEIGHT! (Goal: 10-15 pounds)
  • More energy from upping my fruit and veggies!

First day starts Monday, May 28th, 2012! WISH ME LUCK!


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